Patient Care Technician Certification in Texas: Your Pathway to a Fulfilling Healthcare Career

Patient care technicians (PCTs) are the unsung heroes of the healthcare world, providing essential support to nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals. In Texas, PCT certification unlocks an array of career opportunities within the thriving healthcare industry. This comprehensive guide dives into Texas PCT certification, highlighting education and training programs, certification exams, licensing requirements, salaries, and the job outlook in the Lone Star State.

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Education and Training Programs in Texas

Community Colleges

Several community colleges in Texas offer PCT programs that prepare students for rewarding careers in healthcare. Some notable institutions include:

  • Houston Community College
  • Austin Community College
  • El Paso Community College

These programs typically last around 3-6 months and cover essential topics such as phlebotomy, EKG, and patient care skills. The cost of tuition varies depending on the institution and any applicable financial aid.

Vocational Schools and Training Centers

In addition to community colleges, vocational schools and training centers across Texas offer PCT programs, such as:

  • Texas Health School
  • Pima Medical Institute
  • Southern Careers Institute

These programs are comparable in duration, curriculum, and cost to community college programs but may provide more flexible scheduling options for working adults or students with other commitments.

Certification Process

Texas Nurse Aide Registry

To become a PCT in Texas, you must first register with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. This registry maintains a list of certified nurse aides, medication aides, and PCTs in the state. Registration requires completing a state-approved PCT program, passing a competency evaluation, and undergoing a criminal background check.

National Certification Examinations

After registering with the Texas Nurse Aide Registry, PCTs can pursue national certification exams, such as:

  • Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant (CPCT/A) by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
  • Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT) by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

Eligibility requirements for these exams include completing an approved PCT program and meeting specific clinical hour requirements. Exam content covers core PCT competencies, and test centers are located throughout Texas. The cost of these exams varies but can range from $150 to $250.

Licensing and Continuing Education Requirements

While Texas does not have specific licensing requirements for PCTs beyond registering with the Nurse Aide Registry, continuing education is essential for maintaining national certifications and staying current with industry trends. PCTs can access continuing education opportunities through professional organizations, conferences, and online resources.

Salaries and Job Outlook for PCTs in Texas


In Texas, the average salary for PCTs ranges from $25,000 to $35,000 per year. Factors that can influence salary include years of experience, location within the state, and any additional certifications held.

Job Outlook

The demand for PCTs in Texas is expected to grow significantly over the next decade, thanks to an aging population, increased emphasis on patient-centered care, and advances in healthcare technology. This positive job outlook ensures that PCTs will remain a vital component of the healthcare workforce in Texas.

Embarking on a career as a certified PCT in Texas is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients while enjoying job stability and growth. By pursuing the appropriate education and certification, you can join the ranks of these invaluable healthcare professionals and contribute to the well-being of countless individuals throughout the state.

All Patient Care Technician Schools in Texas

American Medical Institute

6902 Cook Road, Building 2
Houston, TX 77072

University of Texas Arlington

140 W. Mitchell
Arlington, TX 76010

Trinity Valley Community College

100 Cardinal Dr
Athens, TX 75751

Austin Community College

6101 Highland Campus Dr
Austin, TX 78752

Central Texas Nurse Network

313 E Rundberg, #208
Austin, TX 78753

The Central Texas Allied Health Institute

1400 Tillery St
Austin, TX 78721

Solomon’s Healthcare Academy

212 N Josey Ln, Suite 214
Carrollton, TX 75006

Panola College

1109 W. Panola
Carthage, TX 75633

Bash Career Institute of Dallas

13405 Floyd Circle, #102
Dallas, TX 75243

Career Discover Academy

2639 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 118
Dallas, TX 75229

Dallas College

1601 Botham Jean Blvd
Dallas, TX 75215

B & M Career Institute of Dallas

9550 Forest Lane, Suite 515
Dallas, TX 75243

Grayson College

6101 Grayson Dr
Denison, TX 75020